Create an infinite number of NFT images based on generative graphics technology
NFT — it is not about images. It is about technology, conception and marketing.
We want to prove that in the world of pixelated robots and mutated monkeys, an idea is worth and appreciated more than just an image. So we are proud to present our project — Generated Graphics Algorithm iNFT!NIT! which is capable of producing an infinite number of NFTs.
How it works
Using our algorithm you will get the following benefits:
  • Unrepeatable NFTs
    Each resulting image is based on a random sequence of actions, guaranteeing a unique image
  • Unlimited NFTs
    The number of images generated by the algorithm is unlimited, which allows you to place an infinite number of NFT lots
  • Profitable
    With the popularity of the project, the price of each image obtained using the algorithm will skyrocket
  • Limitless Growth
    Each mention of the generation algorithm will increase the cost of its code with space speed
How It Works
Run & Generate
Run the code of the generative graphics algorithm and generate a unique image
Go to
Follow the generated QR code to minting on (registration required)
Post an image on and promote it in twitter with hashtag #inftiniti
Repeat endless times until you became rich as a Bill Gates
Feel free to write us.
We really love to communicate.