brand identity

Natural, wild green grass, the traditional part of the natural nature of Russia, which in all its glory can be seen in

what we created
Logotype & brand identity

The basis of the logo-brand was a young juicy blade of grass: as if we had just ripped it off the lawn and twisted in hands — such a simple and natural action associated with childhood and warm memories speaks of the family, friendly, positive and ecological character.
At the same time, the elastic flexible blade of grass is saturated with the energy of growth and is full of strength — which confirms the active character of the brand and the sports component of

brand identity
In the branding system, the blade of grass will exist in 2 formats:
Live grass all year round is present in communication – for example, as part of a welcome package in the rooms
Stylized image of a blade of grass and a photo of live grass in printed materials
Branding of infrastructure objects will have a color coding associated with the essence of the activity of the object.